Sunday Dinner

I didn’t grow up with many traditions.

Since I knew I’d marry my husband the night I met him (true story), I think I was instantly wishful for things that were “ours.” Things we could do or celebrate annually or on some certain schedule so that we could say we’ve always done them. Well, some of those things have come and gone over the years, some have stuck.

When we moved into our house a little more than five months ago, we instantly knew the first tradition we’d start. In fact, we’d talked about it for years leading up to the purchase of our first house.

Sunday Dinner.

Right now, Sunday Dinner pretty much consists of us. We make a good meal each weekend’s end and we sit at our kitchen table like real adults and make rules like no phones at the table; we make the time to take it all in, to enjoy each other’s company and to talk about real things. Someday, I think we’re hopeful to have a busy house each Sunday–filled with friends and family and people who need a table to gather around. But for now, mostly just us.

My favorite thing about Sunday Dinner, after cooking each meal, is the notebook we keep with a list of our Sunday Dinners.

10/27/13 FIRST Sunday Dinner at our new home
Dijon and soy grilled salmon, wild rice and bread with Lakefront pumpkin beer

Each week has a little story, the meal and sometimes what we drank.

11/11/13 Mandy in Boston
Ordered gyros with a friend

11/24/13 Garage and basement cleaning
Slow-cooked Dr. Pepper pork tacos with yellow rice and corn (Pioneer Woman’s Dr. Pepper Pork is seriously amazing, a go-to in our house)

1/12/14 The weekend of the impossible puzzle (which we never did finish)
A pot of chili. (Add a can of chipolte and adobo sauce. Do it)

2/9/14 Last night in San Francisco
Mandy – Pork belly grilled cheese with a Trumer Pills
Jeff – Angus sliders and fries with Evil Twin
@ Jasper’s Corner Tap

Every Sunday, it’s so fun to write each meal down. It’s like a mini journal of the moments of our lives. We even get sad when we make a dynamic meal on a night other than Sunday because it won’t “make” the book.

Sunday Dinner isn’t really designed to be fancy, though; instead, just worth it. And so far, each Sunday in the house has been pretty worth it. We’re still so happy here.

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