My new kitchen

The most important room in my home is undeniably my kitchen.

This became front and center while we were house shopping late last year. Finally, at the end of October–after a year and half of having our condo on the market, after selling and then not selling and the reselling and then after putting in an offer on a house we loved and not getting it and then after looking at the very last house in our price range and fighting with all we had for it to be ours and not the people’s who we were up against–we moved into our new house.

A place, just two and half months later that I definitely call “home.”

And one of the very best parts of our new home, like I hoped and hoped it would be, is our kithcen.


I have much more work space than I ever did in the condo, I have natural light and beautiful 100-year-old wood floors. I love how the kitchen looks out into our dining room, a feature you don’t always find in these old character homes. I also love the little bar area right at the edge of the kitchen, which has already become a natural gathering place when we have guests over; the bar area sometimes makes me feel like we were lucky enough to bring a little piece of the condo with us, as we had the same type of gathering space there.

imageAfter the kitchen, I love our dining room. For most of my cooking life, I have dreamed of such a room. A place to invite people, serve good food, laugh and hang out. This Christmas, I was lucky enough to seat a couple of big groups around our table (gosh, I cannot wait for a house appropriate dining table–it’s on the list with a million other things!) and serve food from my soul.

In some ways, I feel this house is the start of our marriage. We wished and prayed so hard for a beautiful, old, charming character house to be ours long before we knew exactly what the kitchen or dining room would look like. The journey to our house was long and challenging and included so much hope, so many sleepless nights and some of our hardest decision-making we have so-far faced as a couple.

The past couple of months in the house have been busy. As of yesterday, three of our ten rooms have been painted by me. I’m so anxious to pick out a series of three colors for our living, dining and kitchen spaces. Each of those spaces opens to the next, so I feel I must pick the colors as a series and that is honestly still a tad overwhelming. It takes awhile to get to know your house and how you feel in each of the spaces.

imageWe don’t know all of our visions here for our future, but we know the importance of planning for it now. My seven-year dream plan is to knock out a closet and expand my kitchen and my husband wants to fence in the last section of our back yard and do a little landscaping. I want a big, beautiful dining room table worthy of each and every guest that will sit at it and Jeff wants a grill to feed 43 people. We both want a million memories, good health and the financial ability to keep this old house in a state that we always love it this much.

Most nights, when we’re tired and finally sitting down to chill, one of us will say to the other: “Our house is so nice. I hope we always love it this much.”

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  • Jes

    Love! I’m so happy for you and Jeff.

    I think my favorite is the relaxing Jack in the second picture!

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