Long overdue: Reflections on my New Year’s resolution

My 2013 New Year’s resolution was to give up deep-fried foods for an entire year.

With the exception of two very tiny cheats (once on vacation and once at a coursed beer dinner) I succeeded.

I don’t have results to share in terms of “I lost 12 pounds,” but I also don’t think–after now having fries and a fish fry a few times since the turn over of the year–that I will go back to eating deep-fried foods on a frequent basis.

Throughout the year, the biggest challenge was eating out. In general, in any casual dining experience, your side dish choice is something fried. At home, we don’t fry things, so it was a nonissue.

Because of the eating-out challenges, this year I really did eat a lot more ethnic food, a food category I was hit or miss on before. Additionally, I learned to unlove greasy bar snacks and learned to embrace the side salad or “healthy” option. In fairness, so many restaurants these days are trying to offer options that aren’t just boring steamed broccoli as their healthy option and I can probably tell you where all the best sides are served in my city.

In the future, I mostly plan to eat deep-fried foods in two scenarios: On vacation and in group or planned meal settings (like the beer dinner, which wonderfully had one of its courses paired with beer battered cheese curds).

All in all, I enjoyed this New Year’s resolution. It challenged me to practice self control while everyone was eating onion rings and fries and it made me think about sides at restaurants in a different way, many times challenging me to really pick the healthiest thing I could or just skip a side all together.

I realize I will never be the girl to give up bad-for-you-foods entirely–food is my life and I love cooking and eating and dining way too much–but I don’t need the crapiest of the crap to be satisfied, either. A greasy burger is just fine with a salad.

All of that said, I do live in Wisconsin so I’d better be able to find a group to go out with for a fish fry with a few times per year. See what I did there? Planned group outing.

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