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I’m Mandy and this is my blog.

Hash browns, steak sauce, homemade pizza, lots of hot sauce, cooking on the grill, marinated veggies and breakfast for dinner are among my favorites. I also eat a lot of buttered noodles. I’m not traditional, or trained, or even right. I just like to cook.

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I earned a degree in journalism and English, which, incase you don’t know, does not get you rich. Instead, creative. I spent five years as a professional journalist. First, at the largest newspaper in the state–the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–where I chased scanner calls and wrote about fires and homicides. Then, I spent three years as the education reporter at the Oshkosh Northwestern, where I was also the Food Page writer extraordinaire. Like most newspaper reporters of nowadays, I made the leap to the wonderful world of marketing communications and public relations somewhere along the way. I’ve marketed Broadway theater, health care, even myself that one time I got fired from that one job and now, I work for a university where I get to write about cool things like biodigesters, campus news and happenings and the inspiring should-have-not-made-it students.

I love what I do, spending time surrounded by my own written words. I spend my days writing, interacting, talking, brainstorming and communicating and I usually use my kitchen as a place to unwind. I also talk a lot and drink my fair share of good craft beer and wine.

I discovered my love for cooking in 2005 when I started this blog. My formal training ends there, with discovery. I’ve taken approximately one cooking class, which wasn’t even really a cooking class because it was a sushi making class. But that’s just it–we’re all experts in food. We know what we like, what tastes good and what doesn’t.

I live in a beautiful, 100+ year old home near the shore of Lake Winnebago with my true love (who is now my husband) and our naughty beagle, Jack.

Jeff and I in our early dating days.

Young Jack, in our former home–our lovely baby condo.

The three of us spend much of our time in our tiny kitchen–cooking, sampling, talking and howling.

I started A Serving in Life shortly after I graduated from college as a creative outlet and a place to call my own where I could write. These days, I’m admittedly not as good at writing here, but it feels silly to erase the history of my journey through cooking from the internet; so, here it lives.

In the summer of 2009 I was featured in a “Julie and Julia” cooking challenge put on by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I made a spinach souffle. Since, I have a tiny love affair with Julia Child, who I admittedly went into the challenge knowing nothing about.

 In the past, I’ve partnered with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board on their annual macaroni and cheese challenge and had a blast. In March 2010, I was asked to be a guest on Good Day Wisconsin, where I both cooked and talked about this blog. It was quite interesting to be on the other side of the interview; I’m used to asking the questions.

I’m not really a picky eater but ketchup, mayo and meat loaf make me nauseous. And the worst thing about saying you dislike meat loaf is everyone thinks they have a secret recipe for meat loaf and so they try to get you to try theirs. Hi, I do not like meat loaf.  So, unless you’re pushing meat loaf on me, we’ll most likely be friends.

Thank you for stopping by. Please visit frequently. I welcome tips, suggestions and recipes. Oh, and invites to dinner at your house or favorite restaurant.

A photo from the Julia Child challenge; run originally in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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